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Genealogical information collected between 1985 and 2013 by Graham Hawker on the families of his grandparents and the grandparents of his wife Christine. This information is still being collected and the content of this web site is being increased continually. Some informatin has been provided by other researchers but all validated sources are shown wherever I know them. Information on living people has been suppressed because of the risk of "identity theft"; contact me if you have reason to want this information. As always, you should check the original source documents rather than rely 100% on the information in this web site. A ZIP file (10MB) containing all the files for offline browsing is available by clicking here . This site is part of The Connected Globe and so is The Pudding Page

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The latest update (20 March 2013) adds more information on George Hawker (1792 - 1874) father of Solomon Frances Hawker. Previous updates added photos for the family of Reginald T Hawker, added Ernest Albert Hawker (1910 - 1940), more information on Elizabeth Hawker (b. 1743) who married John Crees in Chaceley in 1769, an extra generation to the Hawker family with Robert Hauker born about 1645 and more of his descendants. This came from the excellent Sumner Genealogy site.

Don't forget the gallery of the paintings done by George Hawker in the 1980s.

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