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Welcome to the Connected Globe Japanese Calligraphy Site. This site will be bringing the beauty and fascination of Japanese Calligraphy to the world-wide audience of the World Wide Web. If you know nothing of Japanese Calligraphy then we hope that these pages will bring you an understanding and appreciation of this wonderful art form. If you are already a lover of calligraphy, we hope to bring you new works, in both classical and contemporary styles and we welcome your comments and feed-back.

We begin with a brief introduction to Calligraphy that we hope will help those who are discovering this art for the first time.

We also have an excellent on-line Calligraphy shop where you can buy books on calligraphy and Japanese calligraphy sets (they make great gifts).

Next, we are fortunate to be able to present the work of the Japanese Calligrapher Mukon Ohmori. We had the honour during 1994 to present an exhibition of the works of Mukon Ohmori at The Galleries in London. Mukon Ohmori and his charming wife attended the opening of the exhibition, much to the delight of the many visitors. His opening speech tells us a great deal about the work.

The calligraphy of Mukon Ohmori is not in the style of traditional Japanese calligraphy. He has used new techniques and uses elements from western culture combined with the traditional tecniques. The result is new, refreshing and sometimes startling. I will shortly be adding photographs from calligraphy exhibitions that I organised in London, showing examples of more traditional work. Over time I hope to include examples of many different styles, together with further explanations for the newcomer to this wonderful art form.

The selection of work presented here on the Web has been designed to be viewed by most Web browsers. If you find a problem, please write and let us know so that we can correct any errors.

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