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Tureck Bach Research Foundation

Present day musicians are facing a new set of aesthetic evaluations and new conditions for the creative and performance arts. The current generation of people in the arts are particularly aware that the successful patterns of the last two centuries can no longer provide a reliable and broad base for employment and for the exercise of great talent. The uniquely gifted must be prepared without delay for the world that the twenty-first century technological and social environment has created. Dr Tureck's all-embracing work in scholarly and historical studies, her world recognition in performance, her lifelong studies of the concepts generated by the great advances in, for example, physics, biology and mathematics, and her association with internationally renowned scientists made a unique contribution to the needs of current and future generations.

It was for this reason that Dr Tureck founded the TBRF in Oxford, England. The Foundation programmes comprised:

  1. SYMPOSIA with internationally recognised lecturers for the purpose of systematic inquiry into the interaction principle in the widest possible range of the sciences, humanities and arts
  2. The publication of a journal, INTERACTION, containing the PROCEEDINGS of the SYMPOSIA. Volumes I and II are now available, representing the Symposia held in December 1995 and April 1997. Volume III is in preparation.

On the death of Dr Tureck the trustees of the Foundation asked Graham Hawker of ConnectedGlobe to take over the work of the Foundation, its web site, activities and publications. Since that time Mr Hawker, who now lives in Marbella, Spain, has been looking to attract sponsors and funding to continue the Symposia in the south of Spain and to develop an infrastructure to build on the foundations built by Dr Tureck. Electronic versions of the journal "Interaction" will be released in the fourth quarter of 2017. A lecture on "The Beauty of Mathematics" was given at the end of 2011 and further lectures in the series were given during 2012/3/4 in Marbella. Further announcements on progress will be made later in 2017.


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