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Editor's Note: I continually review these back issues to ensure the links are still valid. Regrettably, from time to time pages disappear from the web or cease being free. I mark those links as no longer valid and always attempt to add a replacement link.
26 May 2002 Cambodia
A trip to Cambodia. An illustrated account of Bernhard Heiser's trip.
60 photographs of the vast temple erected by Jayavarman VII
Cambodian Classical Dance: an illustrated description
Andy Carvin's wonderful illustrated account of a trip to Angkor
The 19 Languages of Cambodia
2 June 2002 Laos
A week in Laos. An amusing illustrated account of John Hart Benson Jr.'s trip to Laos.
Laos - Land of the Million Elephants
A brief history of Laos
The Oriental, Bangkok. A restored, century-old hotel.
The 82 Languages of Laos
9 June 2002 Myanmar (Burma)
Myanmar Image Gallery to start off this week's issue, devoted to Myanmar (Burma)
On the Road to Mandalay
The Official Myanmar Tourism Website
Yangonow (or "Rangoon now") personal experiences
The 108 Languages of Myanmar
16 June 2002 Vietnam
The Vietnam Multi-Media Archive images and sounds of Vietnam
A Day in the Life of Hang Bo Street Hanoi as it really is.
The Road less Travelled backpacking fun in Vietnam
Exploring Vietnam in Luxury a rather different view
Cycling Vietnam the middle way?.
23 June 2002 Korea
History of Korea from 2333BC to today
The Korean alphabet. Most efficient in the world?
An Introduction to North Korea
Tourism in North Korea
South Korea - an exceptionally comprehensive look at South Korea
Life in South Korea travelguide
30 June 2002 Macau
City Guide of Macau
City of Culture Guide.
Macau Museum
Taipa and Coloane: A Tale of Two Islands
Macau Travel Guide
14 July 2002 China (Part 1)
Photo Gallery of China
US Consular Information Sheet on China
Chinese Scenery
My Trip to Beijing
Jim Chambers' Trip to Beijing
Discounted hotel rates in China
16 July 2002 Thailand
How Thailand began
Visa and Customs Regulations
Languages of Thailand
The sights and sounds of Bangkok
Cha-am and Hua Hin
Thailand Photo Album
Thai Language and Culture
Photos of the Loi Krathong Festival
The marvellous photos of Eugene Kuo
Discounted hotel rates in Thailand
31 July 2002 China (Part 2)
Save China's Tigers
China, an Inner Realm
Bicycling Southern China
China History (to Qing Dynasty)
CHINA - Travel Tips
Discounted hotel rates in China
17 August 2002 The Philippines
The Philippines: A Unique Nation
Philippines Moist Forests
Philippines: a country study
Philippine Volcanos
Philippine Journeys
Recommended travel books
Discounted hotel rates in The Philippines
25 August 2002 Indonesia
Travelling in Indonesia
Dragons at Sea - Breathing Fire with the Monitor Lizard
Indonesia: Unique and Fascinating
Indonesia Travel
Discover Indonesia
Recommended travel books
Discounted hotel rates in Indonesia
22 September 2002 Japan
Welcome to Edo
Kabuki for Everyone
My trip to Fuji-San
Regional Tourist Guides
Japanese Gardens
Travel Japan
GO and the arts
19 October 2002 Hong Kong
Hong Kong Islands
Lonely Planet Hong Kong
The Cheung Chao Bun Festival
Tourism Commission Visual Library
24 November 2002 Nepal
Frequently Asked Questions on Travelling to Nepal
Pictures of Kathmandu
Trekking Nepal
Travels in Nepal
8 December 2002 Bhutan
Gratitude in the Himalayas
Christina's Photos
The Ancient Kingdom of Bhutan
Bhutan goes global
19 January 2003 Bangladesh
Pictorial Bangladesh
Virtual Bangladesh : The Grand Tour
Children of Bangladesh
Jacek Piwowarczyk's Pictures of Bangladesh
2 February 2003 Japan & Zen
The Visual Record
Zen and the art of forgetting that your feet are cold
A Beginner's Guide to Japan
Sake: The Taste Is in the Cup
Dazaifu and the Tenman-gu shrine
The Tea Ceremony
1 March 2003 Malaysia
Malaysia Home Page
Malaysia Travel Pictures
Penang - The Cultured Pearl of the Orient
Interesting Places in Malaysia
Fun things to do with your kids in Malaysia
30 March 2003 Tibet
Tibet by Tandem
Tibet House Museum
An Introduction to Himalayan Art
Itinerary Tibet October 2000
Tibet - Frequently Asked Questions
27 April 2003 Asia Photos and Andalucia
Alfred Molon's Photo Galleries
Rale's South East Asia Photo Gallery
Henk de Jong's Burma Photo Gallery
Andalucia - European Paradise
14 July 2003 Thailand
Kristina Johnson's Bangkok 2000 Journal
Max's Travel Pictures of Thailand
Kristina and David's Round-The-World Journal (Thailand)
Koh Chang
Ronny Stobbaerts Thailand Photos
21 September 2003 Ladakh
Really Big Adventure
Ladakh (Leh)-Introduction
Tourism in Ladakh
Appropriate Technology and Co-operative Culture in Ladakh
Photos of Ladakh
1 November 2003 Asia
Chiang Mai - the future northern aviation hub of Thailand
John's life in Thailand
Skiing in Beijing
Travel Tips for Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam
Photos of Asia
1 January 2004 Planning 2004
75% discount from Thai Airways International
Cambodia Travel Pictures Photos from Tradition Art and Culture
Asian Countries Brief Descriptions
Karen and Scooter's World Wander
1 March 2004 China. Markets and Art
Fly THAI with Thai Artists
THAI Increases Flights for the Summer Timetable 2004
Introduction to Nushu - women's calligraphy
Calligraphy - beginnings of a High Art
Taoism and the Arts of China
Free Markets in China
Chinese Railway Timetable
7 June 2004 Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam
Highlights of Laos
ITIS Cambodia
Cambodia Prayer Profile
South East Asia Photos
15 July 2004 The Himalayas
Harvest the Himalayas
A biography of the Himalaya
The Himalaya Photo Gallery
Glory of the Himalayas
28 September 2004 The Philippines
Folktales from the Philippines
A trip back to ancient Philippines
Vacation In The Philippines
WOW Philippines
Philippines SCUBA Guide
Celestia Universal Traveller
20 November 2004 North Korea
Around paradise in 5 days
On Holiday in North Korea
Journey to North Korea
North Korean History of North Korea
Official Page
All the information you need
Science Fair Project Encyclopedia
17 January 2005 India
Pictures of India
The McRae Family Adventure
Tour India
India Heritage
12 April 2005 Thailand
THAI Introduces New Destination in Summer Schedule 2005
Thailand Travel Information
Isan - north east Thailand
The Thai Heritage Page
Beautiful Thailand
Bangkok Tourism
Pictures of Thailand
Recommended travel books
Hotels in Asia
17 June 2005 China
Round the World with Thai Airways International
Trip to Beijing
Hebei Province
Chengde Mountain Resort and Temples
Chengde, Visited On a Winter's Day
Beijing Travel Tips
The Beijing Guide
Recommended travel books
Hotels in Asia
14 September 2005 Sri Lanka
Thai Airways adventure packages
A taste of Paradise
Maps of Sri Lanka
Sacred Sites of Lanka
History of Sri Lanka
Travel in Sri Lanka
A land like no other
Recommended travel books
Hotels in Asia
12 November 2005 Pakistan
Thai Air Introduces Direct Flight to Islamabad
Welcome to Pakistan
Pakistan - The Land of Many Splendours
The story of Pakistan
Speaking with Tongues
Fazia's Pakistan Pages
Recommended travel books
Hotels in Asia
2 January 2006 Dubai
Round the World with Thai
The Desert's most exciting city
Skiing in Dubai!
Culture in Dubai
Tourist Travel Centre
Recommended travel books
Hotels in Asia
6 April 2006 Singapore
THAI Launches "THAI Value Card"
World Gourmet Summit 2006
Uniquely Singapore
Singapor Tourism
Current Travel Advice
Live Life with the Singapore Government
Singapore Arts Festival
Recommended travel books
Hotels in Asia
22 August 2006 Tibet
THAI Security Regulations
The Beijing-Lhasa Express
Tibet Autonomous Region
Tibet Travel Blogs
The Government of Tibet in Exile
China Tibet Information Centre
The Beautiful Tibetan Language
Recommended travel books
Hotels in Asia
25 November 2006 India
New Thai Airways destinations in India
Oriental christmas gifts
Zen Buddhism Christmas Gifts
Recommended travel books
Hotels in India

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