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30 June 2002
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This issue - Macau
This week we look at Macau, and next week we will be starting a two part series on China. Some of our newer subscribers have asked about back-issues of this newsletter, and a list of previously covered countries is included this week also.
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This excellent site is packed with information to get you started on a virtual exploration of Macau.
The Tourist Guide includes all major tourist points in Macau, well-illustrated with detailed description. It covers gardens, architecture, trails, walking tours, and of course casinos.
There is also a Cultural and Sport Activities section with information about the activities organized by governmental departments and other institutions.
Guides to hotels, restaurants and transportation are also included together with an up to date weather report.

Thoroughly recommended at:
City Guide of Macau
"If you don't know a person too well, don't hug or kiss them." This quote from the Local Etiquette section of this guide gives you a flavour of the very personal approach of this guide. It is very comprehensive and includes an excellent section on Do's and Dont's for your stay in Macao.
There is a very good section on tour itineraries and even an automated tour planner that will create a customized itinerary for you based on the duration of your stay and your interests.
You need a Java enabled browser to get the most out of this site.

The City of Culture Guide is at:
City of Culture Guide
"Macao is a small territory without any natural resources, with a laboring population suffering from the competition of neighboring markets where the labor is much cheaper and therefore much more competitive, so that which remains is tourism based on cultural and historical identity unmatchable in the rest of Asia, made up of its great patrimony which should be preserved and revitalised and which in the future will make this city different from that which remains in the vast Orient."
With this philosophy as its base, the Museum of Macau presents a really beautiful web site, full of fascinating information and very well designed. The site is full of excellent photographs and has in-depth articles on current and past special exhibitions.

You can make your own virtual visit at:
Macau Museum
Here is one of those hidden internet gems which most people never find. An excellent first-hand account of a trip to these lovely islands. The author introduces his story with the following:
"I've just motored out of downtown Macau, a fascinating but highly urbanized warren of cobblestone streets and colonial buildings, highway flyovers and ferry piers. Much as I love the city center, I'm craving something a bit less frenetic and a bit more green. So I'm crossing the bridge to Taipa and Coloane, two of the most unique islands in Asia."
This is a most informative and well written account, capturing the unique atmosphere of these two lovely islands. In addition to his keenly observed descriptions there is also a good section of useful practical information on getting there and getting around.

You can read Steven K. Bailey's Tale of Two Islands at:
Taipa and Coloane
This is not only one of the very best sites on Macau, it is also one of the best designed web sites I have encountered. It uses Java expensively but in this case to very good effect. Visually stunning and enormously informative, the site is a pleasure to visit.

Make your own visit to:
Macau Travel Guide
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