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19 October 2002
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This week we visit Hong Kong. But first, the latest news from Thai Airways International:
THAI Expands Route Network to Six New Destinations
11 October 2002 --- Thai Airways International held a press conference to introduce six new destinations:
  1. Xiamen in the People's Republic of China
  2. Abu Dhabi in the UAE
  3. Bahrain
  4. Geneva in Switzerland
  5. Chittagong in Bangladesh
  6. Johannesburg in South Africa
THAI will launch its flight operations to Xiamen, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Geneva, and Chittagong from 27 October onwards which is at the start of the Winter Program 2002/03. THAI's flight operations to Johannesburg will be under a joint service agreement with South African Airways, on the route between Bangkok and Johannesburg which will start in year 2003 during the Summer Flight Schedule.
Hong Kong Islands
Searching for information on Hong Kong was something of a surprise. There are lots of commercial pages, travel agents, companies and government statistics but very little in the way of real independent information presented in an interesting way. However, we found a few and the first is this site from
The information is presented in a clear, easy to navigate, style and is resonably comprehensive although a bit dry for my taste. The categories covered are:
  • Popular Places
  • Best of Hong Kong
  • Entertainment
  • Shopping
  • Special Interests
  • Transport
  • Food in Hong Kong
  • Restaurants
  • Travel Tips
  • General Info

I like the opening paragraph:
Hong Kong was incipiently considered a worthless plot of land with no resources and little flat-lying areas. Most of the flat areas we see today are reclaimed land. The British Empire saw no merit in the island

To begin your exploration of this worthless plot of land (!), visit:
See information about the site
Lonely Planet Hong Kong
Lonely Planet guides can always be relied upon to provide useful information, and the Hong Kong guide is no exception. They sum up the city as "a city geared not only to making money but feeling good about it. At night, it's like looking down into a volcano."

The short history section is sobering reading in today's political climate - the west's tactics to protect its economic interests are not always in keeping with the standards we profess to hold dear.

With the amount of information that Lonely Planet have to offer, you may decide it's better to buy the book, but if you simply want to browse and get an idea of what Hong Kong is about, you can do so on:
The Cheung Chao Bun Festival
Said to have a hundred years history, every year in May all people on the island of Cheun Chao must keep to a vegetarian diet for three days; on the last day a procession is held. Prior to 1978, at midnight the young men of the island climbed to the top of bamboo towers and threw buns all over the crowd. However, after the collapse of one of the towers in 1978 this custom was stopped. Nevertheless, the event is great fun and this site presents an outstanding collection of photos and videos to bring the excitement and noise of the procession to your screen. Turn up the volume and take a look at:
Tourism Commission Visual Library
Hidden carefully within the extremely dry Hong Kong SAR Government Information Centre is the Tourism Commission Visual Library. Nothing to enthuse ecstatically about, but it does contain a series of photo strips based on various districts and themes which give a good flavour of the area. As with many of these government sponsored sites around the world, they assume we all have the latest high speed connection and powerful PCs, so it may be a bit slow to load. Take a look for yourself on:
Recommended travel books
Of the many books on Hong Kong, we would recommend thoroughly these two which are available from Amazon Books:
Hotel accommodation in Hong Kong
There is excellent hotel accommodation available in Hong Kong at international standards. However, you don't need to pay international prices. There are substantial discounts available if you know where to look. Our research suggests that the best deals are usually available from the Agoda reservations system which you can find on:
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Far East Air Fare deals from ConnectedGlobe
There are some excellent prices to be found on flights to Hong Kong. For flights originating anywhere in the world use the ConnectedGlobe fare finder page.
ConnectedGlobe links to information on Hong Kong
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