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1 March 2003
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In this newsletter we go to Malaysia. We have found some excellent pictures for you, together with some very interesting travelogues from people who have visited and enjoyed Malaysia. We are also pleased to bring you news of the Thai Airways International "Buy One Get One Free" Promotion.
Thai Airways International Public Company Limited today launched its exceptional "Buy One Get One Free" promotion for travel in Royal First Class and Royal Executive Class to celebrate THAI's 43rd Anniversary on 1st May 2003. THAI's "Buy One Get One Free" special offer is available from March 1 - October 31, 2003 for travel in Royal First Class on all routes, and on most international routes in Royal Executive Class.
With the launch of the "Buy One Get One Free" offer ,THAI invites its customers to experience travel in Royal First Class or Royal Executive Class, by purchasing one full fare round-trip ticket and receiving a second one free. THAI's "Buy One Get One Free" program is a global promotion available to customers living in Bangkok, London, Sydney or almost anywhere on our international network. THAI extends an open invitation to all THAI passengers and prospective customers to experience premium class travel with THAI.
Designed for both business and leisure travelers, THAI's "Buy One Get One Free" offer is extremely flexible. Both passengers must travel together on the first sector, but have the freedom of travelling separately for the remainder of the itinerary.
Members of THAI's frequent flyer program, Royal Orchid Plus, can benefit from choosing the "Buy One Get One" program with both the paid and free ticket eligible for full mileage accrual.
Places, People, History, Activities, you can find everything to get you started in this comprehensive site entitle simply "Malaysia Home Page". There is a marvellous section entitled "Cave of Wonder" devoted to the Mulu Caves. The author was told by a friend they were a "must see". I know what he means when he says...
"I am always suspicious of the must people. Their intentions are usually good, but beneath their friendly prods is always this obsession with getting you to do exactly what they did. My theory is that they all want to vicariously relive their own experiences through you. They must be some kind of cult".
I always feel the same way (although I couldn't have put it so well). However he finishes up, after an evocatively written well illustrated tour with
"'I thought you had claustrophobia,' Jacob jibed as we stood on a limestone mesa high above the cave's floor. All I could say was that I did, but not in Mulu. In Mulu, they have caves for claustrophobes, and if you go you must see them."
The site is The Official Homepage of the Malaysia Tourism Promotion Board, New York and what they don't know about Malaysia isn't worth knowing. The section on "Essentials" covers all the nitty gritty of actually going there but the sections on History, People, Places allows you to enjoy a comprehensive virtual visit before you decide on the real thing.
Highly recommended site on:
Manfred Leiter's travel pictures are marvellous. They cover all aspects of Malaysia (with links to his photos of other countries too) and you can enlarge any photo to desktop size if you want to use it as a screen wallpaper. The pictures of the Petrona Towers in Kuala Lumpur are my favourites but there are some beautiful photos of rain forest, village life, people and beaches. The photos are split into Peninsular Malaysia and East Malaysia (Borneo). Take a look at: Peninsular Malaysia
and East Malaysia (Borneo)
And now for something completely different. This is a web site with a different approach. It may look at first sight to be just another web site full of photos (and good ones). But scroll down to the end of each set of photos and you will find a novel twist. Each set of photos is followed by responses from people who have seen the page, know the area and have comments to make. This is really like wandering into a local bar and chatting with the local people.
I'll give you an example. There are some excellent photos of Chulia Street - described as a backpackers' haven. Following the photos is a series of responses. For example the first starts: "My grandparents owned a tailor shop here and it's still here, thanks to my aunts. There used to be a row of tailor shops and they complemented each other; one specializes in making embroidery belts etc. Slowly, one by one gave way to antique shops, cafe, travel agencies and others which now makes it a favourite spot for foreign tourists."
The web site is sponsored by the Penang Turf Club, and statement of this fact occupies the top half of the front page. You ned to scroll down a few lines for the menu, but it's well worth the effort. On:
This excellent site has humble beginnings. The author says: "Well...I dont't know what your opinions are about this website but I really did try my best to make it as good as anyone else's. Actually this Interesting Places of Malaysia homepage is being done to fullfill my practical training session. I'm a student and was sent to GTi Technologies Sdn. Bhd. to do my practical training. The Webmaster asked me to create an interesting website as my project. Then, here it is, Interesting Places in Malaysia as I've named it."
I have sent a message to Emilyawaty Abdul Wahid (the 23 year old author) congratulating her on a very informative, well-presented site. It satisfies my two main criteria - usefulness and simplicity of navigation.
The site is divided into:
  • Islands
  • National Parks
  • Caves
  • Buildings
  • Beaches
  • Lakes
  • Highlands
  • Towns
The prose is nicely written. An example: "The lofty mountains and foothills of Malaysia are dotted with innumerable nature retreats for those wanting to escape the humdrum existance of everyday world. Far up the mountains, the cool, fresh air washes the body and soul while the vivid hues of multi-coloured blooms just settled themselves before your eyes. Full of peace... They're beguile you with the quiet charms of nature's retreat...what an excitement...!
You can enjoy this delightful site on:
If you have children and are wondering if they will enjoy a trip with you to Malaysia you must visit this useful site that gives you lots of ideas of how to enjoy a family holiday without the stress of bored kids. Here are lots of things that you can do, which are interesting for adults and entertaining for children.
For example: "The Central Market, housed in a charming art deco style building, is a place to find out more about Malaysian culture, arts and crafts. Look for shadow puppet plays (wayang kulit), batik painting, art exhibitions, traditional music and dance performances. While you're at Central Market, buy kites. Kite flying is a national pastime in Malaysia. Look for the distinctive "wan bulan" or moon kite, cat kites, bird kites. Ask at your hotel for the best place to fly your kite."
Do your kids a favour and visit:
For useful books if you intend to travel to Malaysia, I would recommend thoroughly these two which are available from Amazon Books: And if your interest is more inclined to the marvellous food of the region try:
There is excellent hotel accommodation available in Malaysia at international standards. However, you don't need to pay international prices. There are substantial discounts available if you know where to look. Our research suggests that the best deals are usually available from the Agoda reservations system which you can find on:
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