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15 July 2004
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This issue - The Himalayas
We have devoted issues in 2003 to Ladakh and Tibet, plus issues at the end of 2002 devoted to Nepal and Bhutan. It is time to update the information and add new links to gems we have found buried in the millions of pages making up the Web. In this issue of the newsletter we bring you up to date with more information, more hints and tips and more photos. We also have, as always, the latest news from Thai Airways International.
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With the launch of the "Buy One Get One" campaign, THAI invites its customers to experience travel in Royal First Class or Royal Executive Class, by purchasing one full fare round-trip ticket and receiving a second one free or receive a 50 percent discount for every two passengers. THAI's "Buy One Get One" campaign is made available to customers with travel originating from Bangkok only. THAI extends an open invitation to all THAI passengers and prospective customers to experience premium class travel with THAI. Designed for both business and leisure travelers, THAI's "Buy One Get One" campaign is extremely flexible. Both passengers must travel together on the first sector, but have the freedom of travelling separately for the remainder of the itinerary. Members of THAI's frequent flyer program, Royal Orchid Plus, may benefit from choosing the "Buy One Get One" campaign; both paid and free tickets are eligible for full mileage accrual.

Full details of the offer can be found on:
Buy One Get One
The Ladakh Farm Project encourages volunteers from around the world to spend a month or longer working on a traditional farm during the summer harvest and thus gain an understanding of a culture whose needs are finely tuned to the local ecosystem. This link is to a description of what it is like to live in a traditional community in Ladakh plus a few observatiuons as to how "Western Values" are beginning to impact the traditional society. It was sufficiently interesting to make me write to teh organisers to see if I can take part!

You can find this thought-provking article on:
Ladakh Farm Project
" In a hundred ages of the gods, I could not tell thee of the glories of the Himalaya".... Thus does tradition call down to us from the Puranas. The Himalaya, is a spectacle of awesome dimensions... ranges upon ranges, tiers of rock, sharp sky piercing peaks and canyons, deep beyond did this come about, whence rose these citadels of did this three thousand kilometer long mountain range come into existence?, for the Himalaya is not only the most impressive of all the mountain chains, but also the youngest. Thus begins a fascinating and informative site with well writtn text and excellent photographs. If you really want to immerse yourself in the bauty and atmosphere of the Himalayas you won't find a better site on teh Web than this.

You can study Karamjeet Singh's Himalayan Home - A web site devoted to the Himalayas and all things Himalayan on:
Karamjeet Singh's Himalayan Home
This is a site containing many excellent photos of the Himalayas by Mogens Larsen who has been trekking four times in the Himalayas - two times in India and two times in Nepal. The photos you see on this site are all from those treks. YouŽll also find an interactive map with facts about the Himalayas, and FAQ section with facts about trekking. The photos are very good indeed and give a very clear idea of what attracts people to this "roof of the world".

You can see the photos (and almost smell the air) on:
Himalaya Photo Gallery
The mission of the Himalayan Art Website is to create a comprehensive research database, a virtual museum, of Himalayan and Tibetan art: Firstly, the Website exhibits images of art from museum, university and private collections around the world. Secondly, the Website catalogs all Himalayan art objects that are known through past or present collections or publications. In the Exhibits section there are some fascinating (but rather heavy) articles and some photo albums whereas the Collections section has stunning images of individual exhibits.

Broaden your knowledge of Himalayan culture and reflect on where our civilisation is leading us:
Himalayan Art Website
For useful books on travel, you will find a comprehensive listing with prices and reviews on my books page (with links to buy direct from on:
There is excellent hotel accommodation available in the Himalayas at international standards. However, you don't need to pay international prices. There are substantial discounts available if you know where to look. Our research suggests that the best deals are usually available from the Agoda reservations system which you can find on:
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Far East Air Fare deals from ConnectedGlobe
There are some excellent prices to be found on flights to the Himalayas. For flights originating anywhere in the world use the ConnectedGlobe fare finder page.
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