Thai Air News from Issue 36 dated 12 April 2005

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In this isuue we are returning to Thailand, home of Thai Air and one of the most popular tourist destinations in Asia.
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Contents of this issue

Bangkok Tourism

Welcome to Bangkok from the Bangkok Tourist Bureau. If it's Bangkok you're visiting then this is the site for you. The Bangkok Tourist Bureau have brought together all the information thay have and have presented it well. The only complaint I have is that the pictures of the Bed supper club make me dizzy! The site covers everything from Palaces to Hotels and Discos to Fortresses.
You can visit the Bangkok Tourist Bureau withou leaving your chair, at:

Beautiful Thailand

An unusual site with some useful items you won't find elsewhere. As well as some good photos you will find information on the hilltribe people of Thailand, on Thai popular music and on Thai cinema. There are also screen wallpapers to download and some great screen savers from Thai Air International in the section on downloadable Thai software. Finally a downloadable Thai font and a set of Buddha icons, plus links to other useful information. A very worthwhile site.
Add Thailand to your PC with the downloads from this site:

The Thai Heritage Page

Rather cluttered navigation bar spoils the look of this otherwise informative and interesting site. It contains comprehensive information and pictures of such diverse topics as The Royal Barges of Siam, Ayudhaya, Prehistory, The Temple of the Emerald Buddha and the Phanom Rung Sanctuary. You can also learn the Thai greeting from recordings for both men and women.
Don't be put off by the initial appearance; the site is actually easy to navigate and well presented. You will find it at:

Isan - north east Thailand

An excellent article from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, about this fascinating region in north-east Thailand. Isan culture is predominantly Lao, and a visit is therefore a way of sampling that interesting country to see if your next trip might be to Laos. As with all articles in Wikipedia this article is well written and full of useful cross references and links to other useful information.
To learn more about Isan, with its Thai boxing, sticky rice and chillies, see:

Pictures of Thailand

This site is a virtual journey through Thailand with thousands of high quality photos and a short description of interesting destinations in Thailand. The focus is on Buddhist temples, monasteries, Buddha statues, nature and people. There are also hints about how to make great photos. Having seen the photos on this site you will probably want to read the hints on how you can produce the same quality!
You can find all of the above plus some Virtual Reality Movies of Thailand, Laos and Myanmar on:

THAI Introduces New Destination in Summer Schedule 2005

Thai Air announced the introduction of the new destination New York, U.S.A. and increased international flights during the Summer Schedule, effective 27 March - 29 October 2005.
They will operate 6 flights per week (no flights operated on Monday) with Airbus 340-500 aircraft (effective 1 May 2005 onwards).

The New York route has a flight time of 17 hours non-stop, carrying 215 passengers: 60 seats in Royal Silk Class, 42 seats in Premium Economy Class, and 113 seats in Economy Class. Ticket prices for tickets issued before 30 June 2005 are as follows:
  • Royal Silk Class beginning at 111,000 baht
  • Premium Economy Class beginning at 45,000 baht
  • Economy Class beginning at 34,000 baht

In addition, passengers who are members of THAI’s Royal Orchid Plus frequent flyer program will receive an addition of 150% miles for travel in Royal Silk Class and 125% miles for travel in Premium Economy Class (offer ending 15 July 2005). ROP members who redeem miles in exchange for an air travel ticket on the route Bangkok – New York v.v. will receive a 25% discount (offer ends 15 August 2005).
For full details of this announcement see the Thai Airways International Newsroom on:

Thailand Travel Information

A useful destination guide with lots of useful, well-presented information. As they say "It is up to you how you view Thailand. But one thing you can witness by yourselves: Thailand will be your travel paradise and will give you an exceptional experience for your lifetime." That's true, but you need to plan your visit carefully because there is a lot to see. This site helps with its coverage of Thai History, Thai Culture, Thai People, Thai Cuisine, What to Buy, and Travel Tips.
To learn more about "the country shrouded with mystery waiting for the wide-opened eyes and opened mind" see:

Recommended travel books

For useful books on travel in Thailand, you will find a comprehensive listing with prices and reviews on my books page (with links to buy direct from on:

Hotel Accommodation

Hotel accommodation in Thailand is plentiful and using a reputable agent can secure you substantial discounts. Agoda can usually find you a good deal and you can check their availability below.
Agoda is our favourite hotel booking agent. They are based in Thailand and have an excellent reputation for great bargains and excellent customer service.

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