Thai Air News from Issue 40 dated 02 January 2006

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Round the World with Thai

A THAI Round-the-World ticket costs you less than you think. There are many options for you to choose from, depending on your origin and the direction you take. If you decide to choose, for example, Option 1 — Starting from Australia with a THAI/Lufthansa/United Global Connection fare, you’ll find they cost only slightly more than the excursion airfare from Australia to UK/Europe via Asia both ways. You can’t get much better value than that! You can choose to fly First, Business or Economy class.

This special fare is applicable all year. To quailfy your travels must commence from and return to the same country. Your trip must be in a continuous eastbound or westbound direction without backtracking, and tickets must be purchased in advance.
Get more details of this great opportunity on:

The Desert's most exciting city

"It has spectacular beaches but is not Australia; it is one of the world's most secure destinations but is not Singapore; it has opulent city hotels and superb beachside resorts but is neither Jakarta nor Bali. It has world class shopping but is not Hong Kong."

This is how opens its excellent site all about Dubai. The range of information is escellent and the presentation easy to read and easy to navigate. There are many good photographs and all in all this is the best starting point I have found for information on Dubai.
Whet your appetite for a holiday in Dubai by visiting:

Skiing in Dubai!

This little snippet from the BBC caught my eye and I couldn't resist including it. It seems that the largest snowdome in the world, with the world's third largest indoor ski slope, has opened in Dubai.

The BBC, always a good source of news, has provided some photos of this amazingly incongruous site. For families where some members want sun and sea while others prefer to ski, Dubai is the perfect solution!
Solve your family holiday conflicts, or combine your winter and summer holidays, by visiting:

Culture in Dubai

Dubai is now becoming famous for its beaches and its shopping facilities but we should not overlook the fascinating culture of an earlier Dubai. The Official Website for the Ministry of Information and Culture may not be visually inspiring but it does contain lots of information about the cultural aspects of Dubai. Items suchs as Dubai Museum, Heritage and Diving Village, Dhow Building Yard and Al Qusais (a settlement dating to the second and first millennium BC)

There is also a fascinating virtual museum.
Leave aside the glitz and glamour. Take a look at the real culture of a fascinating people in:

Tourist Travel Centre

From the same site you can find an excellent Travel Centre with all the practical information you need to plan and arrange your visit. Information on Dubai weather, visas, food, nightlife and all the other little things that can make or break a holiday.

I never understand why official sites make visas sound so complicated, but all the information is here on:

New free newsletter!

We have now launched a new newsletter, in Spanish, covering Latin America. If you speak Spanish you might like to check it out. It brings reviews of spanish language sites about Latin America plus spanish sites offering cheap air fares and hotels.
Se puede encontrar la revista, Bueno, Bonito, Barato en la dirección:

Recommended travel books

For useful books on travel in Dubai, you will find a comprehensive listing with prices and reviews on my books page (with links to buy direct from on:

Hotel Accommodation

Hotel accommodation in Dubai is plentiful and using a reputable agent can secure you substantial discounts. Agoda can usually find you a good deal and you can check their availability below.
Agoda is our favourite hotel booking agent. They are based in Thailand and have an excellent reputation for great bargains and excellent customer service.

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