Thai Air News Newsletter from
2 June 2002
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In this issue we examine Laos. Links open in a separate window so that you do not lose this newsletter while browsing.
All the articles from this early issue of our newsletter are now available on the Metrotel site. We also covered Laos in issue 31.
Hotels in Laos
There is an excellent range of hotels in Laos. The adventurous can simply do as Eric & Joan did - ask the locals when you arrive. For those who prefer a less adventurous type of travel you can book high quality hotels at excellent prices through Agoda, a well established company based in Thailand. You can find their Laos hotel selection at:
Agoda Laos Hotels
The Oriental, Bangkok. A restored, century-old hotel.
One of the fascinations or South East Asia is the existence of century-old colonial hotels, with often exotic histories and lists of famous and eccentric guests from the turn of the century. Many have been restored, preserving their romantic image but adding all modern luxuries and amenities, ideal for that special romantic break. One such hotel is The Oriental in Bangkok. Their web site includes some excellent photographs of the interior and descriptions of all the new facilities. The good news is that it needn't be too expensive. Special deals are available from the Precision Reservations service. Check out their prices at their Oriental Bangkok page.
Far East Air Fare deals from our bargain fares page
Many airlines have excellent air fare deals for flights to the Far East.
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