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Books on Cambodia


A search for information about Cambodia on the web yields hundreds of results, many of them of questionable quality. The information below has been carefully selected and includes summaries so that you can concentrate on just the information you want.
Bernhard Heiser's trip from Bangkok to Cambodia and back.
In a trip that starts in a truck whose wheels fall off, down roads with meter-deep pot-holes full of garbage and water, Bernhard Heiser takes us on an unforgettable, marvellously written and beautifully illustrated trip from Bangkok to Angkor Wat and beyond. The photographs are excellent and the text really captures the feeling of the trip. If you have ever wondered what Camodia is like, you must visit this site:
Bernhard Heiser´s Trip
60 photographs of the vast temple erected by Jayavarman VII
In a web site somewhat intimidatingly titled "Investigations of the Angkor Architecture", Baku F. Saito presents some extraordinary photographs. The link below takes you to the first set of photos. If you return to the site's home page, you will have to scroll to the bottom of the page to find the links to further photographs, but I highly recommend it. The first set of photos is on:
60 photos
Cambodian Classical Dance: an illustrated description
"Recognized by it's graceful, elegant gestures (kbach) and elaborate costumes, this beautiful dance form has come to embody the historical traditions and values of Khmer throughout the world". This site richly illustrated and well written, takes us on a journey of discovery of this dance, its history and its modern relevance.
Andy Carvin's wonderful illustrated account of a trip to Angkor
"Bandits, corrupt cops, hottentots, we'd inevitably be kidnapped and sold for scrap. Now, of course, I realized that this was an absurd overreaction on my part." And Andy goes on to describe, in his inimitable style and with superb photographs, an interesting (and safe) trip to Angkor. You can almost smell the Cambodian air. A site worth visiting.
The 19 Languages of Cambodia
The number of languages listed for Cambodia is 19. Of those, all are living languages. They range from Central Khmer, spoken by 6 million people, to Samre, spoken by 200. The full list, and explanations, can be found on the Ethnologue Site
Further Reading
For comprehensive information on Cambodia you will find the best source is the the ConnectedGlobe Cambodia page which will guide you through the most useful information available.
Books on Cambodia
There are many good books on Cambodia and I haven't read them all. However, I do recommend The Treasures and Pleasures of Vietnam and Cambodia: Best of the Best in Travel and Shopping (Impact Guides) . For a wide range of other books on Cambodia click here.


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