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Books on Myanmar


A search for information about Myanmar, formerly Burma, on the web yields hundreds of results, many of them of questionable quality. The information below has been carefully selected and includes summaries so that you can concentrate on just the information you want.
Myanmar Image Gallery
"Myanmar (Burmese) culture and tradition which is derived from the Tagaung period, Pyu, Peikthano and Mon dynasties, was developed as a distinct culture as early as the first century A.D. The main purpose of this website is to foster public awareness of the Myanmar cultural heritage, specifically, Myanmar art and costumes, the historic sites and ancient temples of Myanmar as well as its performing arts.
The photos and pictures of the Myanmar Image Gallery reflect these categories and the long history of Myanmar (previously known as Burma). As they say "a picture is worth a thousand words" the photos and pictures of the Myanmar Image Gallery will tell you many things about Myanmar and its fascinating, rich culture."
26 pages of stunning photographs with musical accompaniment make this a site you must visit
On the Road to Mandalay
"Burma, now known as Myanmar, is undoubtedly an interesting destinations to visit now. It is yet unspoiled, and the fact the tourists have been less than welcomed by the military dictatorship until recently means that the about-turn which is now taking place in this regard is a quantum leap. But try to ignore the dictatorship. Burma is an absolutely fabulous destination, the people are friendly, the country is safe to travel in and tourist facilities are improving daily. "
Thus begins this excellent essay about a trip to Myanmar. It is full of useful tips and advice for the traveller and contains an excellent reference section. This is essential reading for the intending visitor to this interesting and visually stunning country.
The Official Myanmar Tourism Website
Well if it isn't on this site I don't know where else you could look. This official site contains a wealth of information for the tourist. From useful social behaviour advice (displaying the soles of the feet is considered offensive) through climate, health and visa information (mobile phones of any type will be impounded and released on departure), to shopping advice (a long tradition of crafting beautiful items, and there are ten categories of Fine Arts). In addition all of the most important sites of interest to the tourist are covered. Actually it's difficult to browse this site without being overcome with the desire to go out and book a trip immediately. Click here to visit it now.
Yangonow (or "Rangoon now") personal experiences
"In Myanmar, I held the first housewarming ceremony after inviting monks respectfully. I also invited friends. My driver urged me to do so sooner. Everything was set after three weeks of move. Therefore, I also thought it should be done."
Well there's nothing like hearing about a city from those who live there, and this site (in the Essays section) is full of stories from residents and tourists. The majority of the stories are from Japanese nationals and the English used is of that special variety that only the Japanese produce.
The culture section contains information on food, drink, superstition and even a detailed explanation of the 37 Nats (I will leave you to discover this for yourself!)
The 108 Languages of Myanmar
The number of languages listed for Myanmar is 108. Of those, 107 are living languages. They range from Burmese, spoken by 25 million people, to the rather mysterious Chak, spoken also in Bangladesh. If you are interested in languages, the ethnologue site is fascinating.
Books on Myanmar
There are many good books on Myanmar but most user reviews seem to agree that the best is the Insight Guide Burma/Myanmar. For a wide range of other books on Myanmar click here.
Further Reading
For comprehensive information on Myanmar you will find the best source is the the ConnectedGlobe Myanmar page which will guide you through the most useful information available.


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