Zen, Movement, Tea, Physics and Consciousness

What is Zen?

What reply do you want?
Or to put it another way:
  • Zen Stories
    Conversation pieces, handy tools that you can lift out of your pocket to help you and others talk, think, and laugh about the wondrous and mysterious details of this thing we call Life.
  • Consciousness in Physics
    A selection of books that explore in a reasonably non-technical way some of the ideas touched on in this page.
  • Earthdance
    A freely downloadable book by Elisabet Sahtouris. Consciousness on our planet.

You are probably unconsciously aware that you are conscious but it is more difficult to imagine being consciously aware that you are unconscious. My mind rebels at the idea. My mind? Who am I if I am not my mind? And now that I am consciously thinking about it, what is unconscious anyway?

What has actually happened to me when I am unconscious? And why does Zen claim to "raise my state of consciousness" as some say?

Here is a topic that is remarkably badly understood, considering how fundamental it is to us and everything we are. Would the world exist if there was no conscious being to observe it? Or is everything conscious anyway? Can I change my "state of consciousness", whatever that means?

Sir Roger Penrose, the famous British mathematician, has covered this topic in depth in his excellent books The Emperor's New Mind and Shadows of the Mind.

You may be surprised to find, on reading these two books, that consciousness may be intimately connected with quantum physics. You will be less surprised when you find it is actually all about some kind of coherent state existing in regions of the brain. Which is, of course, what oriental culture has always said, and what yoga, zen, meditation and buddhism in general are all about. Bringing more of the mind into harmony. Expanding the region of coherency.

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