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Tureck Bach Research Foundation


New York City, 1965 -

Oxford, 1993-2004

Oxford, 2005 -

The TBRF was an autonomous charitable organisation devoted to the presentation of research by internationally distinguished creative minds in the sciences, humanities and arts and significant extension of the horizons of great musical talent. The Foundation was established by Rosalyn Tureck in Oxford, England, in 1993 and she played an active leading role in its work and direction until early 2000.

In December 1995 the Foundation held its first symposium, with the theme of STRUCTURE: Principles and Applications in the Sciences and Music. Rosalyn Tureck had a great interest in the sciences and the relationships between the various disciplines, and this symposium together with the three that followed were an attempt to open up these relationships to a wider audience. They were very sucessful.

Following the death of Rosalyn Tureck in July 2003 the Trustees of the TBRF considered how best to proceed with the work of the charity. Under the leadership of Professor Reinhard Strohm a new plan for the future was formulated. It was decided to change the name of the charity (Registered UK Charity number 1042036) to "The Bach Network UK" and continue from the excellent base of the 5th annual symposium which was organised by professor John Butt, Professor Reinhard Strohm Strohm and Dr Ruth Tatlow in December 2001. Professor Butt and Dr Tatlow joined Professor Strohm as Trustees of the Bach Network UK. Nicholas Wickham-Irving, who had taken an active part in guiding the TBRF had already decided to leave the board of Trustees owing to pressure of other commitments and Graham Hawker, who felt unable to make a full contribution as a Trustee now that he was living in Spain, offered to take over the maintenance and electronic publication of the proceedings of the first four symposia as part of Connected Globe.

As a result of these changes, the current TBRF website is now a division (still known as The Tureck Bach Research Foundation or TBRF) of The Connected Globe organisation and will maintain the information pages on Rosalyn Tureck and the first 4 TBRF symposia. The existing publications will be turned into electronic books which will be available on the web site. It is hoped that further symposia, following on Rosalyn Tureck's ideas of the interaction between the various scientific and artistic disciplines, will be organised.

Full information on the future plans of the charity, The Bach Network UK, will be announced shortly on their new website.